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Just For Fun

  • National Writing Day | Reasons To Start Writing

    It's #NationalWritingDay today! A day to celebrate our published authors and help those who are thinking about starting to pick up the pen. Have a look at some of our reasons to start writing today! 

    JUNE 26, 2019
    Just For Fun
  • Olympia Publishers | Halloween

    It's that time of the year again, Halloween is back again! Christmas for the weird and wonderful. We all love a good scare, and in book form it's even better. So, here's some of our favourite horror/thrillers this Hallows Eve. 

    OCTOBER 31, 2018
    Just For Fun
  • The Troubles | Places to Visit in Belfast

    We have just released the highly anticipated The Troubles by N. R. Marchand. Since the book centres around Belfast we thought we would take a closer look at this great city! 

    MAY 11, 2018
    Just For Fun
  • Olympia Publishers | Easter Reading List

    Where has this year gone? It feels like we just had Christmas, blinked and suddenly it's Easter!   Now that the snow and freezing weather has hopefully escaped us, it's time for a bright new Easter reading list. The kids are going to love these. 

    MARCH 30, 2018
    Just For Fun
  • World Poetry Day | Poetry Feature

    Today is World Poetry Day, the perfect opportunity to show off some of our gorgeous collection of poetry books! We love poetry here at Olympia, and we're so proud to be able to feature it. 

    MARCH 21, 2018
    Just For Fun
  • The Library Always Wins | Most Beautiful Libraries in the world

    Outi Pickering has just released her second book in her Healthscare Library series, The Library Always Wins the sequal to Two Point Five Cheers for the Library. After reading, we couldn't help but want to visit some of the most beautiful libraries in the world! 

    FEBRUARY 12, 2018
    Just For Fun