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Just For Fun

  • Trips of a lifetime, both big and small for 2020

    2020 is here and with the new year comes travel plans. So, we've hand-picked some holiday destinations to suit your schedule and combined it with some bookish reasons to go and visit! 

    JANUARY 22, 2020
    Just For Fun
  • The Best Books from 2019

    2019 has been a year to remember for most of us! What happened? Well, we can't really remember to be honest. It's been a political blur, with average English weather but one thing we do remember, there were some brilliant books! 

    DECEMBER 23, 2019
    Just For Fun
  • A First Ghost Story | Halloween Special

    To celebrate the wonderfully spooky time that is hallows eve, the talented Charlotte has written us all a short story called A First Ghost Story, we hope you all enjoy!

    OCTOBER 30, 2019
    Just For Fun
  • National Writing Day | Reasons To Start Writing

    It's #NationalWritingDay today! A day to celebrate our published authors and help those who are thinking about starting to pick up the pen. Have a look at some of our reasons to start writing today! 

    JUNE 26, 2019
    Just For Fun
  • Olympia Publishers | Halloween

    It's that time of the year again, Halloween is back again! Christmas for the weird and wonderful. We all love a good scare, and in book form it's even better. So, here's some of our favourite horror/thrillers this Hallows Eve. 

    OCTOBER 31, 2018
    Just For Fun
  • The Troubles | Places to Visit in Belfast

    We have just released the highly anticipated The Troubles by N. R. Marchand. Since the book centres around Belfast we thought we would take a closer look at this great city! 

    MAY 11, 2018
    Just For Fun