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The fastest and easiest way to send us your submission. Please fill in and upload all relevant information in the form below. You will receive an email notification once your submission is received by our editorial team.

Please remember

Before you submit details of your manuscript to Olympia it is necessary to firstly read and agree to the following Terms and Conditions:

The material you have submitted is the Author’s own creative and/or well researched work.

At all times the right of the Author to the intellectual copyright of his, her or their work, will be maintained.

Olympia Publishers guarantee the privacy and intellectual property of the Author and maintain said privacy at all times.

No information regarding any Author’s personal details will be disclosed to any third parties without the express permission of said Author.

No disclosure of email addresses or similar contact data will be allowed without the express permission being granted by the Author.

Olympia Publishers may use the personal details of the Author for correspondence.

Olympia Publishers cannot be held responsible for the loss, damage or non-return of any material sent to us in hardcopy or otherwise.

We do not accept academic or foreign language submissions. These submissions will be automatically removed from our systems and you may not hear back from us.

At Olympia Publishers we offer two types of publishing contracts:

Hybrid publishing contract
This offer is based on a contribution, to be paid by the author, to cover initial production and printing of the work.

Traditional contract
This is where no costs are incurred by the author and the whole cost for producing, publishing and marketing the work is covered by us.

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