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Over the last decade, Olympia Publishers have become one of the most progressive and independent publishers in the world. With our ever expanding list of titles and diverse range of authors from all over the world, we offer new writers the opportunities they need and readers an exciting range of books to read.


Since establishing ourselves, we have always been committed to becoming an accessible and responsive publishing house. We pride ourselves on our dedication to our authors, both old and new, and the expansion of our reading lists year on year. As well as publishing works by well-known authors, Olympia also continues to give hungry and ambitious new writers opportunities to have their work professionally published. Achieving success for our authors in this ever-changing market is one of our biggest priorities.

Our dedicated marketing team are exceptionally experienced, working with all major bookshops as well independent outlets,while working with our established media contacts to ensure our books reach the reading public.

Over the last ten years we have evolved with the industry to make sure we can do the best for our authors. This can be seen in our presence on social media, the development of book trailers to promote titles and by our more concerted efforts to produce and promote e-books.

As well as creating a sustainable future for ourselves and our authors Olympia has committed itself to being environmentally friendly; implementing the use of FSC paper in all the books and promotional material we produce and actively encouraging writers to correspond and submit to us electronically.

Initially all work submitted to us is considered under what we would term as a ‘traditional publishing contract’. This is where no costs are incurred by the author and the whole cost for producing, publishing and marketing the work is covered by Olympia Publishers. However, not all work can be accepted under these terms, please bear in mind we receive hundreds of submissions each month and rejection is a very normal part of this process.

Should we be unable to offer a traditional contract, but we feel the work has too much potential to reject, an alternative offer may be made. This offer is known as a ‘partnership contract’ and is based on a contribution, to be paid by the author, to cover initial production and printing of the work.

Please refer to our Submissions Guidelines page where you will find details of the various genres in which we specialise, together with relevant advice on making your submission as impelling and interesting as possible for those reading it. Thank you for visiting our site and we welcome your return.

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