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Here at Olympia Publishers, we are proud to say that we publish talented authors from across the world. All of our books and authors are enormously special in their own way. We believe that a story can evoke a large range of emotions; they can make you cry, make you laugh and, most importantly, change a life. Unlike some independent publishing houses, we pride ourselves on our wide range of genres and giving ambitious new authors the chance that is so rarely available in the publishing industry today.

In the last ten years we have evolved with the industry, moulding our marketing and production departments to suit the ever growing and changing market. Not only have we grown an impressive following on our social media platforms, but we have considerably expanded our reach and marketing potential through various different mediums and techniques. This includes creating various book trailers and videos, expanding our distribution networks, writing engaging content and connecting to readers through our blog, setting up radio and news interviews, as well as book launches in various stores all over the world.

We are completely dedicated to each of our authors, and work hands on with authors and media contacts in order to give every book the best start in life. We’re always looking for ways to reach a larger audience, embracing more recent mediums such as eBooks and audiobooks. We strive to extend our reach into the new, modern age of publishing.

While some years ago publishing would have been one of the more environmentally damaging industries, developments stemming from changing attitudes towards the environment mean that this is no longer the case. Therefore, we have committed ourselves to being an environmentally friendly company, implementing the use of FSC paper in all our books and promotional material and actively encouraging writers to correspond and submit to us electronically.

Initially all work submitted to us is considered for a ‘traditional publishing contract’. This is where no costs are incurred by the author and the whole cost for producing, publishing and marketing the work is covered by Olympia Publishers. However, please bear in mind that not all work can be accepted under these terms. As we receive hundreds of submissions each month, we cannot guarantee which titles will be selected for publication, however we do try to offer advice to our authors as to how they can improve their writing. Should we be unable to offer a traditional contract, but we feel the work has potential an alternative offer may be made. This offer is known as a ‘hybrid publishing contract’ and is based on a contribution, to be paid by the author, to cover initial production and printing of the work.

Please see our submissions page for further information on how to submit your work to us.

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Please refer to our Submissions Guidelines page where you will find relevant advice on making your submission as impelling and interesting as possible for those reading it.


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