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  • Saint Patrick's Day | Our Irish Books and Authors

    In the spirit of Saint Patrick's Day, we thought we would celebrate our own Irish authors and books, and a blog post therefore seemed to be very appropriate! 

    MARCH 16, 2018
    All Things Books
  • Stephen Hawkin | The Man Who Shaped Modern Cosmology

    This isn't the blog post we had planned for today, but we woke up to the news that Stephen died this morning and we had to make sure we paid our own tribute to one of the greatest minds of the century. 

    MARCH 14, 2018
    Did You Know
  • Olympia Extracts | The Four Flames by Ariane van Hoof

    This week's edition of our Olympia Extracts is one of our best sellers for the month of January! With a five-star rating, The Four Flames is one of those reads you'll find difficult to put down. So, we thought we would feature Ariane's book due to the popularity of it. We hope you enjoy the following extract! 

    MARCH 12, 2018
    Olympia Extracts
  • Mother's Day | Our Published Mothers

    We've seen a lot of mother's day gift recommendations, reading lists and books featuring strong mother figures. But we haven't seen any posts, as of yet, featuring real mothers... that's what we're going to do today. 

    MARCH 09, 2018
    All Things Books
  • Kids Books That are Absolutely Not for Kids | You're The Reason Mommy Drinks

    This month we're releasing the highly anticipated You're the Reason Mommy Drinks. After reading we wanted to see what other not for kids, kids books are out there, and we found some gems! Have you read any of the below? Let us know if you have! 

    MARCH 07, 2018
    Book Reviews
  • Book Feature | The Last Myon

    The past few months, we have been loving The Last Myon, and we're here to tell you why! 

    MARCH 05, 2018
    All Things Books