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  • Art Done Three Ways!

    Art is subective, everyone knows that. But we're allowed to have our favourites, aren't we? We thought we would take a look at 3 books, art related, that you may not have thought of! 

    OCTOBER 23, 2017
    Book Reviews
  • Our Favourite Imaginary Worlds in Fiction

    There are many fantasy worlds in TV and Film, but let's not forget the books! There are so many wonderful words in fiction, so we thought we would name a few! 

    OCTOBER 19, 2017
    Just For Fun
  • Books to get you in the mood for Halloween!

    Halloween is just around the corner, something wicked is coming our way! We are very excited for Halloween, and to make us even MORE in the mood for spook, we decided to make a list some books to enjoy this month! 

    OCTOBER 12, 2017
    Just For Fun
  • Frankfurt Book Fair | Calm Before The Storm

    Frankfurt book fair is as famous as it is for a reason! It is one of, if not, the biggest book fair events in the world! 

    OCTOBER 09, 2017
    Did You Know
  • Halloween Costumes Inspired By Books

    There are so many books, with so many costumes and so many ideas! Halloween is the perfect time to make the most of your best loved characters and bring them to life! 

    OCTOBER 06, 2017
    Just For Fun
  • Gerald's Game | Olympia Reviews

    Recently we were treated to yet another Stephen King adaptation, Gerald's Game! The critics love it. And we just had to see it and review it for ourselves - We were not disappointed. 

    OCTOBER 02, 2017
    Book Reviews