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  • Supporting our NHS, with books!

    This month we're supporting the NHS with reading!

    SEPTEMBER 03, 2020
    Just For Fun
  • Why do book sizes vary slightly?

    Books, like people, come in many shapes and sizes. The question is, why do books vary in size? A lot of it is down to what the book is about and the target audience! 

    AUGUST 13, 2020
    Did You Know
  • Author Spotlight | Ann G. McNair

    Our author, Ann McNair, tells her audience about her writing journey. How it all started, where the love of poetry came from and her publishing journey. 

    JULY 14, 2020
    All Things Books
  • The Scalpel and The Sword' by R. John Thorpe | Reviewed by Mark Graham

    We recently received a glowing review of 'The Scalpel and the Sword' by R. John Thorpe. Reviewed by Mark Graham. Read on to see the full review. 

    JULY 02, 2020
    Book Reviews
  • Author Spotlight | Liliiana Saint Clair

    We had the pleasure of speaking with Author Liliiana Saint Clair following the release of her book "Trap for a Goose." Here she shares with us her tips and advice for future authors

    JUNE 30, 2020
    Our Authors
  • Sizes and Finishes of books – do they matter?

    Books do not just vary in genre, cover and message - they also vary in sizes and finishes! Particularly for kids' books. The question is, does size matter. 

    JUNE 17, 2020
    All Things Books