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  • Author Spotlight | Mahdi Afarideh

    It's time for another author interview for our weekly author spotlight feature! This week we had the pleasure of interviewing the talented Mahdi Afarideh, today we spoke about advice, dreams and of course... books! 

    MAY 21, 2018
    Our Authors
  • Endangered Species Day | What We Can Do!

    Today is Endangered Species Day. A day to remind us that a very large amount of the animals living in our world are slowly dying out due to reasons out of their control. 

    MAY 18, 2018
    Did You Know
  • The Last Myon by Rudi Jennings | Book Review

    We recently received a wonderful review from Chris Moore for the five-star rated, The Last Myon by Rudi Jennings. Have a look at their more in-depth review, below! 

    MAY 16, 2018
    Book Reviews
  • Author Spotlight | Genna Rowbotham

    Here at Olympia, we love hearing from our authors. Today we had the pleasure of interviewing Genna Rowbotham, author of Charlie and the Bunny Rabbit! 

    MAY 14, 2018
    Our Authors
  • The Troubles | Places to Visit in Belfast

    We have just released the highly anticipated The Troubles by N. R. Marchand. Since the book centres around Belfast we thought we would take a closer look at this great city! 

    MAY 11, 2018
    Just For Fun
  • Olympia Extracts | Operation Pied Piper by Jean Daish

    Read an extract from Operation Pied Piper, by Jean Daish! A wonderfully thrilling, children's fiction! 

    MAY 09, 2018
    Olympia Extracts