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Latest releases

  • All We Had In Common

    The bonds we forge in life can sometimes surprise us. The closeness which can develop between two people who, on the surface, appear too different or too distant can turn into some

  • Burgos

    A group of children and adults from a London school travel to Burgos, Spain, for a three-day football tournament. Despite a shaky start with luggage that's falling apart, the g

    Coming Soon
  • Chasing Dreams

    The story is set in the year 2023 where the narrator, a young college girl, remembers a person very close to her heart. What has happened to this person?

  • Forgive to be Forgiven

    Forgive To Be Forgiven follows a young woman named Terry, as she goes through the heartbreak of her first serious relationship dissolving. Instead of studying Medicine in Jama

  • Fred 'n' Friends: A Steam Train adventure

    Fred, the loveable sausage dog, has returned for another thrilling adventure. 

  • Hills Along The Road

    Depression, hope, peace of mind, sanity. These and other topics, many of them expressing the author's intimate thoughts and feelings are covered in this book. 

  • Pigs Of The Fields Homo Insapiens

    In this book, Michael Elton first gives a dramatic account of the sometimes horrifying depths of his unconscious mind. These emerged into consciousness during a quite exceptional p

  • The Book To End All Books

    The Bible has sold over two billion copies in over 2,000 languages and has had a profound influence on Western art, music and literature for nineteen centuries. 

  • The Button Man

    Innocuous reasons for a crime scene... exploding statues in an art gallery and ornate buttons being slyly removed from people's garments whilst they are wearing them...