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  • What song suits the mood of the book I’m reading?

    What book are you reading? Is it a romance? Is it sad? Do you like to listen to music when you read? We worked out which music will match the mood of your book! 

    SEPTEMBER 14, 2017
    Just For Fun
  • The Best Fall Book Covers.

    It's finally fall! And what better to do to kick start this all than look at lots of fall book covers! 

    SEPTEMBER 12, 2017
    All Things Books
  • The A to Z in Publishing

    Have you ever heard a word in publishing that you don't quite understand? Fear not! We've made an A-Z list, of the most misunderstood terms in publishing! 

    AUGUST 31, 2017
    Just For Fun

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Olympia Publishers are now accepting submissions from new and experienced authors across many genres.

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