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  • Author Spotlight | Lindsay Harrison

    We had the pleasure of interviewing the talented Lindsay Harrison author of, The Jasmine Flowers. We spoke about her writing journey, where the ideas came from and her favourite times along the way. 

    JUNE 25, 2018
    Our Authors
  • The Skincare Bible, Review | Three Huge Things We Learnt

    This week we had the pleasure of reviewing 'The Skincare Bible' by Anjalo Mahto. It's no secret that you can't believe what you read online or in magazines when it comes to skincare - you never know who is being paid to write a biased review? This book is different. Written by a dermatologist with no interior motive other than to help you and your skin health. 

    JUNE 22, 2018
    Book Reviews
  • Music Day | Our Favourite Music Books

    World music day is a time to celebrate music in all of its forms. We all enjoy music in some way, be it on our Ipods, CDs or Vinyls. But many also find a lot of joy in music books. We have always adored music books, and today is a great excuse to show off some of our favourites. 

    JUNE 20, 2018
    All Things Books

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