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  • The T. Rex didn’t live in the Jurassic Period | Book Spotlight

    One often wonders where life began, how long life has been around for, and what earth has gone through in it's 4.6 billion years of existence. 'Know' shows a great insight into where life started and what eras and periods surrounded it! We explored that today! 

    NOVEMBER 14, 2017
    Book Reviews
  • Best Advent Calendars for 2017

    December is creeping up on us, far faster than expected! You know what that means... Advent Calendars! The shops have really stepped up their game this year, so here are our picks of the bunch

    NOVEMBER 10, 2017
    Did You Know
  • Top 6 Films and Fictions that explored music!

    We're all aware of music on disk and on the radio, but what about music in the films and books we love so much? Here's some of our favourites! 

    NOVEMBER 07, 2017
    Just For Fun

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