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  • Take Your Dog to Work Day | Olympia's Favourite Dog Books

    It's take your dog to work day today! So to celebrate, we've brought some of our dog books to the office tables. We also thought it would be fun to let you know some of our favourite books featuring lovable canines. 

    JUNE 23, 2017
    Just For Fun
  • Olympia Extracts | I Wrote by Alice Bogen

    This week in Olympia Extracts we looked at Alice Bogen's new book of poetry. She wrote this book at 16 and plans to write much more! 

    JUNE 22, 2017
    Our Authors
  • Famous Typos in Books

    Typos are very common in books and they have always been. So we thought it would be fun to name some of the best and most famous. 

    JUNE 20, 2017
    Did You Know

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