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  • Twilight And Homecoming

    This volume of poems sounds dire warnings about the despoiling of the environment and the way people are driven from their lands, but gives hope that the downtrodden will return when those lands regai

  • Sailing to Purgatory

    The final voyage, a singlehander's farewell to the sea, began well. The yacht was strong and fast, his ocean-going experience vast. 

  • The Day the Caged Bird Flew

    Mandy Wilson is an inexperienced nineteen-year-old student who has an adolescent crush on her recently divorced male neighbour, Michael Morrison.

  • Elementals

    Evelyn Harp is more powerful than you could possibly believe. She has the ability to control soil, plants, trees and flowers - with her best friend, Luke being the only one who knows her secret.

  • Waggy Tales

    Amble is a big, loveable, though sometimes troublesome, Golden Labrador. When Amble was kicked out of Guide Dog School and separated from his no-doubt disappointed family, he felt so scared.

  • Has Anyone Seen Sydney?

    Has Anyone Seen Sydney? is an A to Z guide to creatures you may find at the bottom of your garden.  

  • The Life and Times of His Lord and Ladyship

    Timothy, teenage son of His Lord and Ladyship, won't eat anything but chips. One day, following his mother's warning, he turns into one!

  • Billy's Search for the Healing Well

    When young Billy wakes up feeling seasick on a ship in the middle of the sea, he is at a loss to know what has happened. Slowly the memory comes back into his mind, of him running away from his gran&#

  • Shiva's Trident

    Mani, a small time house broker in South India, finds out rather painfully he has stepped into a zone exclusively ruled by a local gang-lord, a ruthless individual with good political backing.