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All Things Books

  • Olympia Extracts | Last Year

    This week's edition to our Olympia Extracts is a contemporary fiction called, Last Year by Tony Broderick.

    MAY 08, 2019
    All Things Books
  • Gul Ozseven‚Äôs poetry reading in Bodrum architecture library

    Check out our overview of Gul Ozseven's poetry reading in Bodrum. 

    APRIL 15, 2019
    All Things Books
  • 7 books for every type of Mum for Mother's Day

    Mother's Day is not just a day to thank our wonderful Mothers if we can, tell them how much we appreciate them or remember them if they're not around. It's also a day to embrace our mother's individuality. No two Mothers are the same, so we handpicked 7 books for 7 different Mothers! 

    MARCH 29, 2019
    All Things Books
  • Author Spotlight | Rose Staveley-Wadham

    This week we had the pleasure of interviewing Rose Staveley-Wadham about her book!

    JANUARY 10, 2019
    All Things Books
  • Books to take you into 2019!

    How fast has this year gone? Too fast. It was September last time we checked... to think Christmas is just around the corner is crazy! Regardless, 2019 is just around the corner so it's time to recommend some books to take you into the new year! 

    DECEMBER 21, 2018
    All Things Books
  • Cosy Christmas Reads | Our Festive Gift Guide

    Christmas is coming! There is so much to be excited about Christmas time... the yummy roast dinners, the presents, seeing family and finally reading great Christmas books! So continuing the tradition of entertaining festive books, let's look at some of our favourites!

    DECEMBER 13, 2018
    All Things Books