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All things books

  • This Years Reading Must-Haves!

    Many people's resolutions this year has been to read more books or even write one. To help support many people's goals we have some recommendations for things to help! 

    JANUARY 08, 2021
    All things books
  • Olympia Publishers | 2020 Highlights

    2020 has been a very challenging year for all of us. Despite this, we are so proud of what we have achieved this year! Here are some of our highlights! 

    DECEMBER 03, 2020
    All things books
  • Hidden Torture Top 75 on Amazon!

    We recently released Hidden Torture - A Face Behind A Mascardade Mask by Lily Di Giovanni, a powerful and harrowing life story. This week, the debut book made it into the top 75 on Amazon. 

    OCTOBER 30, 2020
    All things books
  • Author Spotlight | Ann G. McNair

    Our author, Ann McNair, tells her audience about her writing journey. How it all started, where the love of poetry came from and her publishing journey. 

    JULY 14, 2020
    All things books
  • Sizes and Finishes of books – do they matter?

    Books do not just vary in genre, cover and message - they also vary in sizes and finishes! Particularly for kids' books. The question is, does size matter. 

    JUNE 17, 2020
    All things books
  • How You Can Support Black Authors

    With the #BlackLivesMatter movement happening, our thoughts have shifted to what we can all do to help support this. One topic we have seen trending is how we can support our #BlackAuthors and books that educate the reader on black history. Here are a few of our current recommendations. 

    JUNE 10, 2020
    All things books