Are your ready to meet the newest member of BumbleBee Books?!

A very special member of the Bumblebee Team is on their way!

On Friday the 9th of september, they will be introduced to the world and you, our dear followers, will be able to give them a name!

From Monday 12th all the way through to Friday 30th, they will be hiding in our Instagram Posts at BooksBumblebee, and if you spot all the posts they are hiding in, you will be entered into a chance to win a Bumble-Bundle!


Our Bumble-Bundle features our top picks for our Bee based books, including;


The Visitors – Bobby Bumblebee

Edie is a little girl with a BIG imagination who loves her father's bedtime stories.
She likes to call her favourite stories, The Visitors, who are her insect friends that visit her to say hello and have a talk with her before she goes to sleep! Each night, when her father tells her a new story before bed, her imagination comes alive and each character described to her becomes real!
In this story, Edie is visited by Bobby Bumblebee, a friendly but clumsy old bee who needs Edie's help to solve a problem and prevent him from always being late!


Izzy The Different Bee

Playful, purple little Izzy finds herself very different from all the other bees. Izzy works hard and has a beautiful heart, which others choose not to see simply because of the colour she is. She is not yellow & black like other bees. Confused and unsure of who she should be, she finds some other animals who make her see that being her kind and smart self are the most important things to be. Her identity and confidence are restored knowing that being different doesn't make her any less of a bee - she is unique.



Ambush at the Rickety Beehive

There is nothing sweeter than sparking a child's imagination, curiosity, and understanding through art and meaningful storytelling. Ambush at the Rickety Beehive is a fantastical tale about an eccentric old man and his devoted swarm of honeybees. Readers will learn about his bees including how they live, what they do, who their natural predators are, and how misunderstanding, intolerance, and cruelty can lead to unforeseen and sometimes permanent consequences. Moreover, Ambush at the Rickety Beehive reinforces why love, kindness, and resilience are essential ingredients for a life filled with hope and happiness.




To enter, screenshot the posts our fuzzy friend appears in and send them to with the subject Bumble Bundle! Each photo found counts as an entry, so the more you find the more chances you have!

The lucky winner will be pulled on the 1st of October and will be contacted via Email, so keep your eyes out!


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Happy Hunting!



Please note: Entries are only valid from UK addresses. If the winner does not respond with an address, or is outside of the UK, a new winner will be chosen.