Olympia Publishers, which originated in the United Kingdom, before expanding to the USA and India, is expanding once again - this time to the United Arab Emirates!


Our core belief is to provide a strong platform for our authors to publish and share their stories to millions of avid readers worldwide. By having an office in the UAE, we’ll be able to better support our authors based in the region and continue to share their stories through our global network. Renowned for its elegance and architecture, we are excited to serve our Middle Eastern authors from Dubai and look forward to the opportunities it will bring.



We are proud of our existing authors and proud of the stories they brought to life:


“I hope that others reading [my book] realise many of us are going through the same thing. If it helps touch one person, I’ll be happy” - Ramy Al Kadhi, author of Ray


“I want to provoke thought and to help heal what is broken. To speak for people like me who at one point in time, have been silenced by their past and burned by their history.” - Bhari Maariyah, author of Unsent Letters


“We hope the same message we've bestowed on our kids can be relayed to other children worldwide.” - The Saadi Brothers, authors of For All She Does


“It's an inevitable fact that books change lives.” - Alya H, author of Contradictions of a Chainsmoker



We’d like to thank our authors and readers whose support has helped us on this expansion and allows us to keep telling stories. If you are based in the United Arab Emirates and are looking for a publisher to help release your book, please contact submissions@olympiapublishers.ae.


It’s time to tell your story with Olympia Publishers.