We’re six months through 2024; we’ve got six months to go. Here at Olympia Publishers, those first six months saw the publication of lots and lots of excellent books: fantasy fiction, self-help guides, poetry collections and enough children’s titles to entertain your kid for the rest of the year!


It continues to be a busy time for us, but we think it’s always important to look back and reflect, with the first week of July – the start of the second half of the year – being an ideal to time to do so. We are immensely proud and honoured to work alongside our old and new authors, many of whom started 2024 without a published book to their name.


However, the Olympia team have looked back to January and picked ten titles which you should make sure to pick and read by the end of December.


Until 10th July, you can purchase any of these books at a 40% discount using coupon code 2024READS on the Olympia website.




The Band That Time Forgot – Dennis Coath


The year is 1962 and the rock and roll band The Dogs are set to be the next big thing. Their hit new song? Treat Me Like A Dog. Except it’s not a hit song, in fact it never even reaches the chart. That’s because in 1962, a Liverpudlian quartet were the ones topping the charts…


Whilst The Beatles sang Love Me Do, Lenny “Poddy” Peabody, James “Smudger” Smith, Brian “Streaky” Bacon and Charlie “Biffo” Bear languish in their defeat – soon disbanding and giving up on their dreams of super stardom and pop music mania. But decades pass, friendships are rekindled and perhaps, the music plays on.


A very literal underdog story for The Dogs band, where nostalgia and dreams are celebrated and cherished by author Dennis Coath, an excellent debut (with a sophomore release on the way!)


Available in paperback.




I Vote You, Mr Mayor – Isabella Renee


Finding your romantic partner is always going to be tricky, but falling for your mother’s political rival right in the middle of a mayoral election? That’s a particularly sticky situation. To help guide the reader through this love maze, is Isabella Renee’s heartfelt and emotive writing style, coupled with a narrative sharing many similarities with Casey McQuiston’s Red, White & Royal Blue.


There’s no high-class royalty in this tale, but the fairytale romance gently lulls you into an addictive and comfortable read – where love prevails and is celebrated for the beautiful connection that it is. Two stunning male leads, supportive side-characters, and the whole of New York City to explore.


As we leave Pride Month 2024 behind, at Olympia Publishers, we continue to share LGBTQ+ fiction – especially when the love is this strong!


Available in paperback and eBook format.




The Next Mynah – Mynah Gadu


Mynah Gadu has long been interested in the written word and the power that stories have over us all. “I have always been writing, either accounts of days past, or chapters of manuscripts that were never finished - it is a large part of who I am.”


Her debut release, The Next Mynah, is an adult fiction title about two sisters who move from a world of simplicity and hardship to one of opulence and power. Its twisted relationships are richly explored, and the central heroine duo offer intriguing and dramatic reading for those daring to dive into an underworld of deceit and hidden truths.


In this gripping tale of love, ambition and self-realization, the journey will be a test of human endurance.


Available in paperback.




Murder in the Alley – Rebekah Weir


Everyone has a slight fascination for the macabre. You may listen to a True Crime podcast, watch a True Crime documentary, or even read a True Crime novel. With all that ‘research’ in mind, what would you do if you came across a body in the night?


Helen Squireton, a simple housekeeper on her way home from the library, is victim to that very event – although the young woman she happens across dies in her arms. Thus begins Helen’s journey in the pursuit of justice. She is certain that Helen witnessed a murder, rather than a tragic incident. But this is an era where a woman’s word has less power and influence.


In Rebekah Weir’s creeping mystery, Helen puts herself in danger, never faltering, on her quest to find the true killer.


Available in paperback.




Veil of Sorrows – Mahuroos Shafeeq


Grief is one of the most taboo and compressed emotions that we experience throughout our lifetimes – despite the unfortunate fact that we will all come face to face with it, one way or the other. Poet Mahuroos Shafeeq uses his collection to try and tackle the complexities of such a crippling feeling.


This exploration follows the stages which we all weave our way through: denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance – offering poignant truths at each and every section. But the true heart of this collection is that this is a guide towards the process of transformation, of moving on and of self-discovery.


Veil of Sorrows is authored by a young man, enamoured by the beauty of expressing love and life’s myriad emotions.


Available in paperback.




Under the Elm – Ivana Christman


In a large, close-knit family, it can easily feel left out or underappreciated – especially as the middle child. That’s what Monty is. The black sheep of this seemingly normal family. She’s not popular in school, has differing world views to those around her, and homelife sees her with more chores and stricter house rules than her siblings.


In this dull town, where Monty feels like she doesn’t belong, a hidden secret starts to worm its way out the woodwork. Perhaps not fitting in isn’t such a bad thing? Secrets about her family, the church and those closest to Monty will alter her life and view of her small town.


This disturbing and gripping thriller explore the true nature of humanity, unearthing the darkest of long-kept family secrets.


Available in paperback and eBook format.




Stealing Thunder – Brooke Scarlett


There are teenagers, sick of exams, on the run… evading the government? We’ve all procrastinated revising for an upcoming final, but when Reuben Breneger does, he stumbles upon a mythical discovery: the Australian government are breeding dragons.


Armed with this belief, Reuben, his younger sister, and a band of unlikely companions break into a government facility and wind up stealing some unhatched dragon eggs – classic teenage activity. Now, exams are the least of Reuben’s worries. Now, he holds a powerful weapon against a damaging government force.


Brooke Scarlett’s YA fantasy is a joyous first novel, from the mind of a teenager longing for a world with more magic, and less exams.


Available in paperback.




New Yorkie Dog – Marian Pickman


Welcome to the Big Apple! Or should I say, the Big Ap-Puli? This is a pun-filled journey through the heart of one of the world’s most iconic cities: New York. Featuring such sites as the Em-poodle State Building, Paw-berry Fields and even a ride on the NYC Pug-way.


Accompanying each attraction is a stunning hand-drawn illustration, provided by the author Marian Pickman, somebody who has over 40 years’ experience as a free-lance artist and resident of New York City. This book has been a whimsical passion project for a few years, as Marian has slowly assembled this wonderful collection of puns.


For those who want a paw-fect view of New York - one they will not have seen before – this imaginative novelty is ideal for any NYC obsessed reader.


Available in hardback and paperback.




366 Days of One-Hit Wonders – Matt Whitaker


What better title to feature on this list of books off than with a book of lists? All music lovers - or those looking to learn more about music - will fall head over heels for maestro Matt Whitaker’s analysis of Billboard’s high ranking but long-lost melodies.


It is so much fun to flick through this book and see which songs you already now, which song charted highest on your birthday and learn so much about each one. Whitaker has researched thoroughly in writing this, with his description of each song’s construction drawing the reader in, creating a perfect rendition of something you may have never heard before.


Which song peaked today? July 3rd? Well, that would be Patrice Rushen’s pop track Forget Me Nots from 1982. “[A] fusion of jazzy tenor saxophone and a prominent baseline that helps propel her light vocal delivery.” If you don’t think you’ve heard this song before, chances are that you’ve heard it sampled in the past few decades – most notably in Will Smith’s Men In Black title song.


And that is just one day! There are 355 more songs to discover and learn about!


Available in paperback.




The Prince and His Groom – D. K. Wood


Finally, this is a forbidden fairy-tale which we have fallen head over heels for – The Prince and His Groom. Prince Robbin of Arkodouur has never had an immense social life, with a suitor’s ball planned to connect the young prince with a companion – for the good of the kingdom. But Robbin fears the hurt that people leave as they depart your life and is therefore opposed to making new connections.


That is until a look through his quarter’s window – away from the warm solace of his trustworthy books – to a white-haired man, leading horses, in the kingdom down below. This strange man simultaneously holds the key to Robbin’s future but endangers the sanctity of a kingdom facing war.


Fantasy tales offer all readers a true escape, a world of new characters, new lives but very real emotions, and in the first six months of 2024, we must highlight D.K. Wood’s triumphant debut – embodying a beautiful hope for us all.


Available in paperback.




We’d like to remind you again that until 10th July, you can purchase any of these books at a 40% discount, by using coupon code 2024READS on the Olympia website.


We would also like to thank all our authors and our readers for an amazing six months of publishing, and hope you are just as excited as we are to see through the rest of 2024.


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