The summer heat is still in full swing, and what better time to jet off to a scenic beach resort? And why not bring a book or two with you to get lost in as you bask in the sun? Let's take a look at some books from our roster that we think would make great beach reads!

Sashca Georgette-Paice- "Love Has Made a Choice"

Natasha is taking the holiday of a lifetime, to Alaska, via Seattle and New York, all the places where her beloved rom coms take place, in hopes of finding love.

Micheal is burned out from his busy life as a record producer. He too is heading off to the USA, with the hope of finding new inspiration.

Glancing encounters at the airport, the 5th Avenue Armani shop and Seattle's Waterfront Park lead to one near miss after another for the two of them. Each time they come a little closer, yet never close enough.

Will love bring them together? Or are they destined to remain apart?

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Brian Clewly-Johnson- "Everything Goes"

A tale of devotion, family, love and heartbreak in a time of war. Follow Peggy Parker as she travels from Derby to Shanghai, seduced by the city's charms, only to find herself and her family caught amidst a Japanese military invasion.

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Tim Duhig- "The Broke Town Bums"

Twelve-year-old Trey Connor is looking forward to the summer - a chance to kick back with his neighborhood friends and have fun. They are the Brockton Boys and stand with each other through thick and thin. The summer proves to be a time of crucial life lessons and the tough consequences that follow. The Brockton Boys learn how to stand up to bullies, and that there are different ways to fight back. It is a story of friendship, ties, and unpredictable adolescent hormones.

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Robin Bowles- "Dead Centre"

On the night of July 14th, 2001, the most mystifying murder and abduction on Australian soil took place 180 miles north of Alice Springs in the remote, Northern Territory.

To this day, the body of Peter Falconio has never been found and the young Englishwoman who escaped his killer's clutches, Joanne Lees, stumbled out of that night with a story that raised more questions than answers.

A real treat for followers of true-life crime, Robin Bowles travelled more than 30000 kilometres around the Australian outback to re-examine every twist and turn in an alleged murder that lacked a body, motive, cause of death or any witnesses. 

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Paddy- "Confessions of a Captain's Addicition"

Patrick Bennett has not lived a conventional life. In this searingly honest account of his experiences as a young boy to the present day, Patrick narrates, in his own inimitable style, the trajectory of his struggle with drugs and alcohol, his relationship with his wife and his daughter and his stints in various prisons.

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