Bereavement is an emotion no one can escape, and grief will catch up to anyone regardless of age.

With many families now having a large example of someone passing, there will be many more children struggling to grasp the loss. We have chosen a selection of children’s books that will help explain and work through grief with young people.


Luna & The Lighthouse

You and me by the sea. A heart-warming tale of a granddaughters love for her grandfather and how when darkness branches our souls, light finds a way to rise.




Grandad's Gone to the Angels

Aria and her grandad would always play together, and he would teach her new and exciting things. Now that he is gone, Aria is hoping that he is thinking about her and remembers all of the fun things they would do together. This sweet picture book is just right for young toddlers in comforting them when a loved one passes on. From a grandfather to a pet, this picture book allows them to know that there is no harm in being upset however, finding comfort in their happy memories will provide a lifelong comfort.


Ivy and the Rock

Ivy Jones was small and blonde, grown was she in the Wildest Wood.
A rock lived in the middle part (right by her heart) and, by it, Ivy stood.
"I love you rock," said Ivy's heart, the boulder resting still.
All Ivy had was the rock in the sand, and it was all that she needed.
Ivy's mystical woodland journey and the garden she creates for herself along the way take on new meaning when she loses the very thing which gave her courage to do both in the first place. A tale of adventure and self-discovery created to help young minds make sense of one of life's greatest inevitabilities, Ivy and The Rock takes a beautifully illustrated look at what love and loss means, and how it is a part of us all.



Under The Big Night Sky

For anyone who is missing a loved one.





When I Feel My Tough Feelings

This book is a simple and fun guide from a child's point of view that understands how children can have positive feelings, but also many times experience difficult feelings. Common upsetting situations are presented relating to anxiety, fear, anger, sadness, and irritation as well as validation for these feelings. Therapeutic-based techniques are then proposed that can help manage these "tough" feelings.





My Garden of Gates

If someone were to ask you, "What is anger? What is fear? What is grief?" what would be your answer?

This children's poetry book is a short journey into some of the difficult emotions that are tricky to discuss. Through image and rhyme, readers and listeners are taken on a steady journey through anger, anxiety, fear, paranoia, jealousy, guilt and grief. The garden provides those who read this book with an idea of sanctuary within the mind and offers a strategy to find peace and calm when negative feelings take their hold.