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Zeelandia and the Gateway Stone

H. A. Cowan

Whoever has possession of the Gateway Stone, controls the destiny of Arcadia and the forces of good.


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ISBN : 978-1-78830-448-1
Published : 25/07/2019
Pages : 200
Size : 205x140mm
Imprint : Olympia Publishers

H. A. Cowan

Born in Kilmarnock, Scotland but spent the majority of life growing up in the north east of England. Left school with very few qualifications, but eventually did gain a Master's Degree at Teesside University.

Married to Ann for thirty-seven years, with two grown up boys, Fergus and Ross.

A long and varied career to date that includes: Golf Professional, Electrician, Geologist working in Angola, Zaire, Gabon, Nigeria and the USA, Police Officer (Dog handler, operating general purpose German Shepherd dogs and specialist drugs dogs). After leaving the police force career continued as a Sales Person, General Manager, Operations Director, Commercial Director and Managing Director; now able to add published author to the list and not ready for retirement yet - the fun has only just begun. 


About Book

Whoever has possession of the Gateway Stone, controls the destiny of Arcadia and the forces of good. Zeelandia is their only hope, the only one pure and powerful enough to save Arcadia from the forces of the dark side. Awakened from decades of slumber to learn that the precious stone has been stolen, she is opposed by Vandermortel, champion of evil and powerful sorcerer, whose malevolence knows no limits. Defeated earlier by Zeelandia and imprisoned within the stone, Vandermortel is bent on revenge and summons up the dark riders of the apocalypse and an alliance of mystical creatures to secure his release from the stone's grip. Zeelandia needs to undergo rigorous training by the great White Queens of the past to be able to thwart Vandermortel. In a cosmic battle of wills, a desperate race against time ensues that points inexorably to the ultimate destiny on the sacred Mount Fleming.

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