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Wow! You Really Should Write A Book Phemy!

Phemy Williams-Karani

Chinyere Amaechi has by no means had an easy life.


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ISBN : 978-1-80074-029-7
Published : 29/07/2021
Pages : 270
Size : 205x140
Imprint : Olympia Publishers

Phemy Williams-Karani

From birth, I was thrown into the deep end of life with no swimming instructions! Having survived, I felt compelled to pass on how, to other people. However, I am not a machine! Telling my story has been very painful as well as healing. I have deliberately written it in the style of narrator rather than in the first person because I found referring to myself as ‘Chinyere' (which happens to also be one of my other forenames) a bit less emotionally painful to write about. The flashbacks became less raw, resulting in less tears for me to blink away as I typed. All other names have been changed for privacy purposes.




About Book

Chinyere Amaechi has by no means had an easy life. From an incredibly young age, she was faced with unfathomable traumatic experiences, and life did not seem to get any easier. When these traumas resurface at bedtime, in the form of terrifying nightmares, Chinyere finally agrees it is time to seek help. In this powerful story, when recounting her life to her therapist, Chinyere relives some of the toughest and scarring times of her life. Chinyere demonstrates in this empowering survivor story, the importance of never giving up.



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