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Michele Pieri

Meet Woopy! His motto is "unity is strength".


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ISBN : 978-1-83934-355-1
Published : 24/06/2021
Pages : 37
Size : 156x156
Imprint : Olympia Publishers

Michele Pieri

Michele Pieri, born in Verona, Italy, lived and worked in UK and in NYC for over ten years. He founded and managed several businesses: a telecommunication agency, a music publishing company, three japanese restaurants, a cloud-based events software company, and a venetian-style restaurant. He finally made his dream come true by realising his first book for children, Woopy! In his spare time he listens to all kinds of music, he plays the piano and he is a passionate cook (and a good fork!), but above all Michele is a happy husband and father of three fantastic children, Christopher, Cleo and Leonardo.




About Book

Meet Woopy! His motto is "unity is strength", and Woopy is the living proof of this, being made up of four different animals. He lives in the Australian desert and at first is feared by all. Then he will be able to demonstrate anyone that by remaining united, we can overcome any challenge. Once friends, he will make them understand that we are all different, yet equal at the same time. Woopy is the first adventure of many special creatures coming from another galaxy: the UNIMALS!



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