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With A Broken Wing : Expressions Of The Human Spirit

Ronaye Hudyma

Within these pages lies a Primer of raw emotion unleashed like a river over rapids


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ISBN : 978-1-84897-991-8
Published : 22/02/2018
Pages : 141
Size : 205x140mm
Imprint : Olympia Publishers

Ronaye Hudyma

My lifelong career has been in the entertainment business, beginning at the Royal Conservatory of Music of Toronto where I studied classical piano and voice; continuing as a solo performer in the medium of stage, television, and nightclubs touring across North and South America, the Orient and Asia; and followed by a contracted staff song writer position for publishing companies in Nashville, TN.

I am the author of the books With a Broken Wing, and How Many Heartbeats?

I have had poems published as "Editor's Choice" in Poetry Magazine in Chicago.

I reside on an island in the Pacific Ocean in Canada.


About Book

Within these pages lies a Primer of raw emotion unleashed like a river over rapids. Each word is sculpted with open hands in harmony or the fist of human pain--richly woven in proclamations of love, or terse in its tragic demise sung by the barely beating heart; then quietly taking wing into the realm of the sacred and sublime. "At that moment, a gull circled above as if beckoning. My spirit stretched across the limitless expanse and followed."
These are poems in concert, vibrant as the soaring human voice embracing you, not as an audience, but as a participant.

"While you were sleeping 
the world carried on without you, 
without your story to contribute to the madness 
as you tried to elbow your way into prominence and self-importance.
But if you woke up from the nightmare, 
and accomplished something relevant or significant, 
it's not that you did it, but that it was done;
Or you said something meaningful, 
it's not that it was you who said it,
but that it was heard.
If you strive to be unforgettable,
in time, the world will forget your name.
If you are awake and aware,
the world will know you came."
by Ronaye Hudyma

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