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The Treasure of Tears

Rudrendra Ghosh

R.P. Ghosh's collection of poems is a subtle, atmospheric and dignified late harvest.


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ISBN : 978-1-78830-085-8
Published : 31/05/2018
Pages : 154
Size : 205x140mm
Imprint : Olympia Publishers

Rudrendra Ghosh

Rudrendra Prasad Ghosh, popularly known as R.P. Ghosh is simultaneously recognized as an author, painter, poet, sculptor and a nature-lover.
At an early age, he, along with his parents and relatives, became a refugee as a victim of political turmoil causing partition of their homeland, while forming two sovereign nations - India and Pakistan. 
Rudrendra obtained school education from Ramakrishna Mission Vidyapith (Purulia), a chain of institutions run under philosophic guidance, formulated by Swami Vivekananda, the Pioneer of Indian Renaissances and great social reformer. He graduated from the Government College of Art, Calcutta, in 1968 and started his career in advertising. In 1976 he joined Nehru Science Centre, under Ministry of Education & Culture, Gov't of India, at Mumbai. 
During his tenure, he visited several countries including, UK, France, erstwhile USSR, Germany, Egypt, UAE and other countries in Middle-East, a number of times. His Literature and Arts reflect his wide interactions with a cross-section of people from different countries, time to time. To pursue his inherent passion for art and literature, he took early voluntary retirement from his secured and dignified service as General Manager, functioning under Ministry of Commerce, Government of India, in 2001.


About Book

R.P. Ghosh's collection of poems is a subtle, atmospheric and dignified late harvest. Ghosh's themes are many: the beauty of earth, river and sky; the loneliness and meditativeness of old age; the pain and joy of family relationships; the lasting vividness of erotic love. Nor does he shy away from larger social, political and even metaphysical argument when these are a necessary part of his subject. His idiom is a free English verse which is flexible enough in its register to encompass both the lofty and sublime and the quotidian and detailed. 

Ninth title to author's credit, The Treasure of Tears is mature work by a poet who has learnt to know his own mind, the world around him, and how to make each speak to the other through the medium of a finely controlled and carefully modulated poetic imagination.

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