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The Stories of the Zodiac

Jelizaveta Haustova & Tatiana Zinkevich-Yevstigneeva

The series of fairy tales about the starry Land of the Zodiac is a series of ‘meditation fairy tales'.


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ISBN : 9781848979161
Published : 26/10/2017
Pages : 111
Size : 205x140mm
Imprint : Olympia Publishers

Jelizaveta Haustova

Jelizaveta Haustova is a psychologist and student of Tatiana Zinkevich-Yevstigneeva and her unique method. 
Jelizaveta, born in Estonia in 1964 is a loving wife, mother of three sons and a grandmother. She started her career creating loads of tasty recipes, cooking and exploring the world of cousins. At forty years old, Jelizaveta's life took a new turn and she opened a whole new world of psychology. Jelizaveta finished International Institute and now helps parents to improve their parenting skills. Fairy tale Therapy method is proven to be an amazing instrument helping in Jelizaveta's work.


Tatiana Zinkevich-Yevstigneeva

Tatiana Zinkevich-Yevstigneeva is Doctor of Psychology, author of unique method of the Complex Fairytales Therapy and creator of International Institute of the Fairytales Therapy.

She was exploring for a long time fairytales and legends of different nations and periods of history and formed a system of Archetypes and Archetypical plots which are active in the lives of each modern human. This system helps to decide actual psychological, moral and spiritual tasks, which may stand in front of kids, teenagers and adults. And work even with a very difficult psychological problems. Due to correctly made metaphor and a fairytale, this method works exactly and ecologically to human's inner life. Tatiana is also an author of thirty-five books (all published in Russian language.)


About Book

The series of fairy tales about the starry Land of the Zodiac is a series of ‘meditation fairy tales'. ‘Meditation fairy tales' is an expression, used by the author, to describe a method of Complex Fairy Tale therapy©, (author - Tatiana Zinkevich-Yevstigneeva). These types of fairy tales aim to relax, to bring positive images to one's imagination, to promote self-motivation, to feed energy to positive emotions and to release anxious feelings. In this series of fairy tales, positive images of the constellations have been used, to enable children and adults to learn more about themselves, about the world of people and the world itself. The stories are presented by the Starlight Fairy, who not only tells the fairy tales, but also suggests an excellent selection of tasks and gives good advice.

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