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The Siege Machine

Walter C Roberts

Money, being the chief motivator, invites corrupt officials to participate in the outlandish scheme.


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ISBN : 978-1-78830-940-0
Published : 24/06/2021
Pages : 254
Size : 205x140
Imprint : Olympia Publishers

Walter C Roberts

The writer studied Architecture and has spent the past twenty years specialising in the designing and hands on refurbishment of Medieval oak framed buildings. Part of this process is the preparation of design drawings by hand and supporting pen and ink sketches. He also paints in watercolours and oils.
His involvement in the creative process of designing buildings, awakened in him a desire to catch and put innovative ideas into words. To tell a story from the imagination as he would paint a picture with pen, pencil and brush, or design a building, so is his desire to do so with words.


About Book

The discovery of an invaluable cache of Roman artefacts under a medieval compound, invoked the most evil and sinister plot by nefarious agents to remove them from their rightful owners, the British Government, and its citizens.
Under the guise of creating a war machine, to re-invent the gory history of medieval attacks against the compound, British law enforcement agencies collaborate with local engineers and historical societies to prevent the proposed theft.
Mysterious murders of key people in the prevention effort are used as a smokescreen to disguise the real agenda - the removal of the artefacts for the benefit of wealthy collectors.
Money, being the chief motivator, invites corrupt officials to participate in the outlandish scheme to disown the British of what is rightfully theirs.
Ordinary people step up to the plate in a compelling effort to prevent the chaos that could unfold.
The question is - will they succeed?

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