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The Show

Adam J Marcon

In a budding industry of flare, showmanship and televised murder, one man leads the way.


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ISBN : 978-1-80074-035-8
Published : 27/05/2021
Pages : 121
Size : 205x140
Imprint : Olympia Publishers

Adam J Marcon

Adam Marcon is a writer who enjoys hiding complex meaning inside pulse-pounding and suspenseful narrative. He created the blog, ‘Random Thoughts of an Idle Mind' to indulge his more meditative and metaphorical short works. He is an avid sports fan, a firm believer in thinking for oneself and forming one's own opinions on complex topics, and as his many friends and family often remind him, he is a little strange. Currently he has set out on the precarious and ill-advised mission to make writing his profession. Writing is all he is. He hopes you enjoy his work.




About Book

In a post war society where much of the world's amusement is being phased out for more depraved and violent sources of entertainment, the United League of Exhibitionists arrive to capitalize on a desensitized public. In a budding industry of flare, showmanship and televised murder, one man leads the way. Peter Grain, the most immersive and dedicated performer in the ULE is in the prime of his career. Until, what appeared to be an ordinary show- kill a few nobodies and make a little money- quickly becomes complicated. With the pressures of the job beginning to take their toll, the appearance of an earnest fan will uncover what little humanity remains inside the heart of Peter Grain. Forced to grapple with his conscience and face-down a colorful gallery of killers, can Peter leave the venue with his soul and sanity intact? Or will the ULE have its way and make certain that this performance is Peter's last?
Sit back and enjoy The Show.

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