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The Oak Tree - A Tale of Intertwining Lives

Rose Warren

Three people born on the same day in the same year grow up facing vastly different challenges.


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ISBN : 978-1-78830-956-1
Published : 27/05/2021
Pages : 395
Size : 205x140
Imprint : Olympia Publishers

Rose Warren

Rose began her writing career relatively late in life, but she always knew that she had a book inside her. She lives in a village in the south-east of England with her two Labradors and two cats. She has experienced much in her fifty years of being, reaching the conclusion that life with all of its ups and downs is truly wonderful. Each and every day should be embraced and nurtured whilst true friends and family should be cherished.




About Book

Three people born on the same day in the same year grow up facing vastly different challenges but with extraordinary similarities. Evanna, the young and brave fighter, Bodhi, the earnest seeker of awakening or enlightenment and Petra, the dependable Rock appear to act in complete synchronicity despite never meeting one another. What they have in common is a harsh background of abuse experienced, near-identical composition of their families and major emotional hurdles to overcome on life's journey. In the background they each have a special oak tree as a constant reference point which provides inspiration and strength in times of trial. As they grow up their paths converge and the significance of their three oaks becomes more poignant as life's various seasons present obstacles that cause them to draw on reserves of courage from deep within.



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