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The Mystery of the Veronese Code

Teresa Ceccacci

From this moment on ... nothing will ever be as before.


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ISBN : 978-1-84897-974-1
Published : 26/04/2018
Pages : 153
Size : 205x140mm
Imprint : Olympia Publishers

Teresa Ceccacci

Teresa Ceccacci was born in Ceprano, November 23rd 1978. She gained her degree in Classical Humanities at the University of Perugia.


About Book

In 1924 The paleographer, Luigi Schiaparelli, was examining the codes stored in the Chapter's library of Verona and found a Mozarabic orational. The liturgical text is of Spanish origin and is found on the top corner on the back of the third sheet, preceded by two crosses, two lines drawn by a secure and skilled hand, accompanied by a mysterious inscription, absolutely symbolic and allusive. Right below it, written in Latin, are the words of gratitude to the Almighty Lord, an unusual and unsettling wind of the rose, and another phrase with praise to the Lord. Since its discovery, the code has aroused the attention of many researchers, involved in deciphering the mysterious script and responding to two crucial questions; who wrote it? And above all, what is the real meaning? The ancient manuscript, destined to deliver a message which would perturb forever the minds of the faithful, arrives in Verona and after centuries becomes again messenger of true knowledge. An archdeacon, also a skilled scientist, intending to make a little Jerusalem of his city and a woman devastated by the notability of her own family, give life to a mysterious and intriguing story. The modern reader will enter a fascinating and fantastic dimension, and live the sensations and emotions experienced by the characters.

From this moment on ... nothing will ever be as before.

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