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The Land of Emeralds

Gerard J Womack

Señor Feliciano Solaccio is a wealthy and very contented man. 


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ISBN : 978-1-78830-752-9
Published : 28/01/2021
Pages : 152
Size : 205x140
Imprint : Olympia Publishers

Gerard J Womack

Dr Gerard Womack has enjoyed a career as a nuclear scientist. In addition to his full time work he co-wrote a book on electro-chemistry and a book on the physics of the interaction of high temperature gases with magnetic fields. He also co-edited a book on engineering aspects of magnetohydrodynamics. He now lives in Worcestershire with his wife. It All Began in Warsaw is his first novel.


About Book

Señor Feliciano Solaccio is a wealthy and very contented man. Set in Colombia, his story of achievement against all odds is both uplifting and inspiring.

From humble beginnings, he spends his idyllic teenage years in a seminary, deciding on a future in the priesthood. However, he has to forego his studies to support the family when his father dies. In doing this, he becomes embroiled in the drug trade, becoming a leading figure in collating the distribution of illegal substances in Europe. His luck eventually runs out, and after a short time in an English prison, he returns to Colombia, determined to use other natural and agricultural resources available in his beloved homeland to create legal businesses to support his family, his countrymen and his country.

His story of success, with many chance meetings along the way to support his dreams, will delight readers all the way through to the fairy tale ending of love and the ultimate happiness of a dream come true.


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