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The Jesus Interviews

Noel Stewart

Imagine you're a talk show host, and Jesus has a regular guest spot.


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ISBN : 978-1-78830-790-1
Published : 24/09/2020
Pages : 159
Size : 205x140
Imprint : Olympia Publishers

Noel Stewart

Noel Stewart is also the author of, ETHICS: An Introduction to Moral Philosophy (Polity, 2008).

He used to be a sincere Christian - so sincere, he attended Bible college, becoming assistant pastor in a Pentecostal church.

But he had to give all that up when he finally saw the light.

Voltaire helped him laugh his way out.

For those still in, I hope this book helps them laugh their way out too.

For those half out, may it help them laugh their way even further out.

And for those completely out, may it simply make them laugh.


About Book

Imagine you're a talk show host, and Jesus has a regular guest spot.
Think of the questions you could ask him. This is the setting for The Jesus Interviews.
But when interviewer, Peremy Jaxman, puts certain questions to him, Jesus finds it anything but plain sailing as he struggles to explain his actions and defend the gospel accounts of his life.
Why destroy a fig tree simply because it had no figs?
Was walking on water merely a short cut?
And what's with those Christmas presents? Myrrh doesn't look like a lot of fun.
Why did he call a woman a dog? (And it wasn't because she was ugly).
And how come he did a favour for a bunch of demons, and ended up killing 2000 pigs?
No, I'm not making this stuff up; it's all in the gospels, so surely it must be true - mustn't it?

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