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The Jasmine Flowers

Lindsay Harrison

This is a story of two lives, together and apart, and of love, prejudice, intrigue and terror.


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ISBN : 978-1-84897-812-6
Published : 31/05/2018
Pages : 597
Size : 205x140mm
Imprint : Olympia Publishers

Lindsay Harrison

I am a Londoner. My father was a master builder. I went to school at St Felix School in Southwold. I worked in the conveyancing department of several London legal firms. My family comprises my son, Julian, his lovely wife, Staci, and two beautiful granddaughters, Lexi and Lois. I went to Tunisia on holiday numerous times and loved the country and its people, which inspired me to write The Jasmine Flowers and eventually move to Tunisia when I stopped work, although I go back to England regularly to see my family. In Yasmine Hammamet I have an interest in a beach bar/restaurant but still find time and inspiration to write.


About Book

Lucy, a disillusioned divorcee, takes a holiday to Tunisia and is captivated by the country. By a chance meeting with Farid, a teenage boy, both their lives are changed forever. She returns to England and remarries but her marriage ends in tragedy.  A tarot reader tells her she must follow her dream but it will be fraught with sadness and danger.

She finds Farid again but in an unexpected twist of fate, plagued with guilt and despair, Lucy runs away. She goes back to Tunisia but after hearing the lies of Debbie, a young woman who wants Farid for herself, Lucy believes she has lost him forever and returns to England.Their lives follow different paths, but they never forget each other. Years later, when they meet again, they risk being torn apart once more by an evil man hell bent on revenge. This is a story of two lives, together and apart, and of love, prejudice, intrigue and terror.

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