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The Intervention

Arsh K Bhat

"Can the truth ever be frightening enough to take one life?"


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ISBN : 978-1-78830-544-0
Published : 25/06/2020
Pages : 245
Size : 205x140
Imprint : Olympia Publishers

Arsh K Bhat

Arsh K Bhat is an Indian student of class 12th pursuing science. He juggles between scientific facts and imaginative fiction. A truth seeker, who wishes to realise the purpose of God and the Devil in this world and a passionate lover of modern physics, best describes the author. Inspired by conspiracy theories and philosophy, he began writing at the age of ten. He lives with his parents and younger sister in New Delhi.


About Book

"Can the truth ever be frightening enough to take one life?"
At the stroke of midnight, on New Year's Eve 2048, a terror attack took place in the heart of the United Kingdom that saw London blown to hell. The atrocity led to the death of thousands and had been masterminded by the one man - John Wilkinson. From the ruins of the lost city, Wilkinson built the hub of anti-European terrorism and rose to become a dictator as fearsome as the Fuhrer.
However, a year later, John encounters a familiarly strange nemesis who wreaks chaos upon him. As the man threatens to raze down the Devil's empire, John races against time to win the war of vengeance. In a journey full of terrifying revelations and unimaginable deceptions, John must face his past which holds the truth that would change the world forever...
"Can you survive the secret of the Intervention?"

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