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The Hungry Spider and the Picnic

Patsy Web

The Hungry Spider is a very naughty spider. 


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ISBN : 978-1-78830-075-9
Published : 28/06/2018
Pages : 31
Size : 205x140mm
Imprint : Olympia Publishers

Patsy Web

Patsy Web teaches English as a foreign language in Spain. She believes that young people learn vocabulary through repetition, but that learning should be taught in an enjoyable way, with stories that leave something to the imagination. She decided to write some short stories for her classes about a Hungry Spider who loves to eat all the food children love to eat. These stories enthralled the young learners she teaches so much that Patsy was inspired to seek that the first story, The Hungry Spider and the Picnic, be published professionally so that all young learners of English can enjoy it too.


About Book

The Hungry Spider is a very naughty spider. He doesn´t like spider food, he likes all the food that children love to eat and he is always very, very hungry. On a sunny day, Maria, Lola and Eva go to the park for a picnic. The Hungry Spider is very happy to see the children in the park with a picnic. This book contains a word search to memorise words, together with Spider Stickers for a child to decide as to where they think the Hungry Spider is now.

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