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The Happy Journey

Lindsay Perrelli

Curious Turtle is content eating his berries until he sees animal friends doing exciting things!


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ISBN : 978-1-83934-131-1
Published : 25/03/2021
Pages : 33
Size : 203x203
Imprint : Olympia Publishers

Lindsay Perrelli

Lindsay Perrelli was born in Connecticut and moved to Boston to pursue her dreams of being an elementary school teacher. She has a deep passion for writing, children's literature, and the practice of mindfulness. Lindsay has worked as a teacher in a variety of contexts, and her time working as a teacher at Boston Children's Hospital holds a particularly special place in her heart. At the hospital she taught children at their bedside who were too sick to go to school and was enlightened by their resilience and ultimately became inspired to write The Happy Journey. Through this story she wanted to reach audiences of all ages and share with them that happiness comes from a place that is often overlooked: right within us.


About Book

Curious Turtle is content eating his berries until he sees animal friends, Leaping Frog and Fluttering Butterfly, doing exciting things, such as jumping and soaring. He starts to wonder in his round shell what it is about him that is special and that brings as much happiness as being able to spring or fly. He decides to embark on a journey to find happiness, seeking advice from many of his wilderness friends until he finds happiness in a place he never dreamt of before.

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