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The Erple People: New Child

Grazy Guru

Was he a Cherple, a Nerple, a Plerple or a Squrple?


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ISBN : 978-1-83934-118-2
Published : 25/02/2021
Pages : 35
Size : 156x234
Imprint : Olympia Publishers

Grazy Guru

The Grazy Guru, A.K.A Carl-wayne of the family Preece, is a new author looking to change the world.

The Grazy Guru will always ensure that his books are not just fun, colourful, and imaginative, but books that tickle at the very core of learning. A book that installs well meaning warm and educational lessons on, family, community, national and global issues that need a new approach. The reasons for this are due to the pain and hurt in our world today, and little by little the Grazy Guru plans to change this with your help.

"I believe it's very easy to ensure a brighter future, by installing the light into the souls of our new generations coming into existence."
The Grazy Guru.


About Book

Was he a Cherple, a Nerple, a Plerple or a Squrple?

Was he a Yerple, a Zerple, a Kerple or a Herple?

Was he a Merple, a Berple, a Derple or a Flerple?

Was he a Lerple, a Werple, a Gerple or a Sherple?

Tounge twisting, fun, colourful, warm and funny!

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