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The English Migrant

Connie Edwards

Connie Edwards had willingly dedicated her life to the police service in the south west of England. 


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ISBN : 9781848979765
Published : 26/10/2017
Pages : 103
Size : 205x140mm
Imprint : Olympia Publishers

Connie Edwards

Connie Edwards was born in Greenwich, south east London, in the nineteen seventies. Keen to join the police she applied to five different police forces across the country as the ‘Met' had stopped recruiting. She joined a constabulary in the south west of England and served for twenty years until early retirement was forced upon her. Further errors in her retirement meant she was unemployable and expected to survive on nine hundred pounds per month. A resourceful, brave and indefatigable character, she decided to move to a third world country rather than end up broke.


About Book

Connie Edwards had willingly dedicated her life to the police service in the south west of England. Originally from London, she had never really felt part of the gang, no matter how she tried. She, in fact, suffered several very unkind incidents at the hands of people she considered trusted colleagues and friends. This all came to a head when she finally realised her dream of becoming a detective. Suddenly, those persecutors reappeared, so jealous and desperate for that one position to work as a detective in the whole area, owing to budget cuts and altering priorities. Connie was the officer for that place so it was a situation of kill or be killed. She was bullied so relentlessly that she broke. A while later, she was medically retired but even that was handled chaotically. Labelled with a mental health disorder, and effectively unemployable at the age of forty-two, having worked consistently from the age of thirteen, she was faced with the hard fact that in less than a year she would be financially broke. Drastic measures needed to be taken and becoming an economic migrant was the answer.

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