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The Cave Girl Files

Richard Jarvis

Professor Crawford Bond, the eminent, yet deeply flawed scientist is on a mission.


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ISBN : 978-1-80074-091-4
Published : 28/10/2021
Pages : 107
Size : 205x140
Imprint : Olympia Publishers

Richard Jarvis

Richard Jarvis served for many years as a London police officer within the Metropolitan Police Service. He also has gained considerable experience within the transport industry.

Primarily working face to face with the public, Richard's observations of people's behaviour has led him to study psychotherapy and popular psychology. He has a passion for travel and history as well as a passive interest in the paranormal. Richard lives in East Sussex.


About Book

Professor Crawford Bond, the eminent, yet deeply flawed scientist is on a mission. This time it is personal. He wants his money back. A Yorkshire pop concert where his best friend Henry was performing has been hijacked. Henry is at death's door, a victim of an unprecedented level of violence and destruction; but no one owing £10 should be allowed to die. Henry's not going to get away with it that easily!

The police are in denial regarding thousands of fatalities and missing persons, preferring instead to focus on a cat that has gone walkabout. They claim Henry's injuries were caused in a road traffic accident. Bond smells a rat, suspecting a monumental cover up. Could he be onto something? He senses so, especially when he is actually arrested for failure to search for a cat! Then the Prime Minister makes Bond the ultimatum...'Work for the government or else!' Is there a secret arms race in which nations are stockpiling a particular type of woman to unleash on enemy states? Did Donald Trump have any? The evidence is in The Cave Girl Files. The truth is shockingly funny.

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