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The Cardavians

Stuart Lindsay

The Imperial forces are on the march to annex the north eastern province of Attainia.


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ISBN : 978-1-78830-128-2
Published : 28/02/2019
Pages : 440
Size : 205x140mm
Imprint : Olympia Publishers

Stuart Lindsay

Stuart Lindsay is a Doonhamer born and bred. He's been in the Royal Navy Submarine Service since 2007 and continues to enjoy his job, contrary to what he sometimes says. Developing a habit for writing in old AOL chatrooms back in the early 2000s, he's gone back to it every now and then and sought to develop the characters he once wrote about.


About Book

"Not Cardavy, we keep to our promises! The men of the Marshal Legion are holding the hordes of the Rupinian Empire... We are their relief, we are there to shore up the defences and hold the line! If I needed proof today of your commitment and ability, then today I have been given it! You men are ready, more than that, you men are the best!"

The Imperial forces are on the march to annex the north eastern province of Attainia. The City of Nepriner is in danger. Brave General Beren leads the Cardavian Legion of the Grey Wolves in the bloody battle to defend the city.
The Eagles Legion of the Cardavian army have taken a battering in Turgundian and those who are left are now desperately trying to make their way to what they believe is the safety of Nepriner, led by the magnanimous Grimfar, who finds the burden of command on his shoulders by default. 
Meanwhile, the Cardavian diplomat, Garren, is hoping to forge an alliance with Queen Wellisa but when he is assaulted in her city, the relations between the Cardavians and the Coalition are soured and may threaten everything. 
If Nepriner falls, then it could endanger the whole of Cardavy and so far, the Imperials are winning...

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