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The Caged Openness

Khalid El-Kaissi

Proxy is the last civilization for humanity dominated by technocrats...


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ISBN : 978-1-80074-144-7
Published : 28/10/2021
Pages : 157
Size : 205x140
Imprint : Olympia Publishers

Khalid El-Kaissi

I am a Lebanese-American author, who splits his time between Europe and the Middle East. I have pursued a track within politics, where I seek to contribute and play a role in shaping the understanding and purpose of politics for the 21st century. I have worked as a researcher and consultant in various fields, ranging from management, politics and economics. I have also been writing heavily on topics pertaining to philosophy, politics, sociology, economics, technology, morality and the Millennial generation. Currently, I live in London and I am pursuing my third masters at the London School of Economics and Political Science.




About Book

Proxy is the last civilization for humanity dominated by technocrats, who have created technologies that helped secure the last human civilization and transcend humans into a new age within their carefully crafted virtual realm. This world is deemed as the perfect society, yet, the problems with such a system in relation to human nature, is carefully exposed as time unravels and particular social forces emerge. Yet an anomaly within this society arises, through a young teenager named Exalar, who possesses unusual reasoning powers and an extravagant imagination that gets him in trouble with the authorities and forces him to flee for his life before being subdued and mind cleansed by the system. Parallel to Exalar's path of self-discovery the story focuses on a young man called Lucicara. He is a son of a wealthy technocratic elite, who is bound to inherit a major technological company. His hunger for power though and his ambition to change the way things are amongst his own kind, threatens the security of Proxy and endangers the lives of the masses. Exalar's return to Proxy, as an enlightened figure of truth and wisdom, is considered an Armageddon that leads to a series of events which threatens to topple the suppressive system of the technocratic elites, dominated solely by Lucicara's hunger for power.



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