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The Book That Nearly Killed Me

James Allen

James Allen's story describes a lifetime of neglect, childhood abuse, and trauma. 


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ISBN : 978-1-78830-507-5
Published : 25/06/2020
Pages : 413
Size : 156x234
Imprint : Olympia Publishers

James Allen

The Book that Nearly Killed Me is an inspirational story with a dark element. James Allen describes a lifetime of trauma leading to murder while involved in a gang. Is he a psychopath? He determines to develop love and empathy and finds instead seven ‘personalities' residing in his mind. This journey of recovery takes him nearly to his death. The story is written from several ‘alters' points of view and includes a detailed ‘embellished' account of his life of violent crime. His wife, Sophia, adds an outsider's perspective into her experience of living with someone diagnosed with DID and PTSD.


About Book

Are there people that are born bad?
James Allen's story describes a lifetime of neglect, childhood abuse, and trauma. After leaving home, he uses his cold demeanor to make his way through a criminal world while a part of an international crime group. James' downward spiral finds him sitting in a cell facing first degree murder.
Can one make deeply rooted changes like these?
His autobiography tells of his repeated struggle to understand his life and his harrowing experience leaving that life behind. Through a Restorative Justice process, James comes to understand he has emotions and he recognizes what he never truly felt before: love.
His journey into Restorative Justice begins with volunteering to speak at universities, mentoring teens at an alternative school, and, through a special process seeks to mediate with his victim's family. He determines to create no more victims.
When several ‘alters' or ‘personalities' locked away within his mind decide to make an appearance, his wife, Sophia, is left meeting a violent criminal on her own. In this autobiography, his ‘alters' each add to the narrative in their own words - including a semi-fictional re-creation of his involvement in crime.
James hopes that by exploring his life experiences and acknowledging his darkest secrets, readers will gain a wider understanding of complex PTSD and give hope to the possibility of overcoming neglect and trauma. James hopes to extend understanding to victims and to families that want to help loved ones going down a destructive path.

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