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The Banana Garden

Eggert Gunnarsson

With little warning, government security and military bodies around the world lock down their countries


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ISBN : 978-1-78830-811-3
Published : 26/11/2020
Pages : 254
Size : 205x140
Imprint : Olympia Publishers

Eggert Gunnarsson

I was born in Reykjavik Iceland in 1966.  My early years were rather uneventful but music and literature were always a big part of my life.  I played the Cello for about 8 years but had no great talent in that pursuit.   It was interesting growing up in Reykjavik in the eighties. The echo of the punks reverberated in the last throws of the cold war and impacted my way of thinking greatly. In 1990 I left Reykjavik for England and studied media in Harrow and later in Kent.  A very fulfilling time and as I graduated in 1994 I was able to work in England.  During the next four years I worked for the ITV, the BBC and various other TV stations making On Air Promotions.  In 1998 I moved back to Iceland established a career in the TV industry there making children´s programs as well as documentaries and music programs.  2015 I was offered a job running a TV station in Port Moresby the capital of Papua New Guinea.  This was a very interesting job and the country fascinated me.  I quit that job after a good stint and took up a position at the University of Goroka also in PNG.  There I work as a lecturer/film maker and the jobs we did took me all around the country to places where only few foreigners have visited.  During my time in Papua New Guinea I wrote my first novel The Banana Garden. A few months ago I returned to Iceland and am now living and working in Reykjavik again. My second novel is being written.


About Book

With little warning, government security and military bodies around the world lock down their countries and go underground as storms and natural disasters of unprecedented ferocity are unleashed on society, resulting in millions of deaths and widespread destruction. Warnings of the effects of climate change have fallen on deaf ears for too long.
Adrian Charles, spin doctor for the UK Government, with the aid of his new-found love and colleague, Ellen, sets about investigating and reporting on the universal disaster from a top-secret division of the BBC. All the world leaders have disappeared, and billionaire Okar Brag has a surprising agenda. Then there are the strange UFOs observed by space scientist, Rachel, from her space station which, together with many other scientific projects, is sponsored by Okar.
As the mystery unfolds, Rachel, Adrian and Ellen learn about another world as yet undiscovered by the human race as we know it, and as Earth's society teeters on the brink of destruction, help arrives from a surprising source, with good intentions, for the survival of two worlds.

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