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The Baby Boomers

Rod Corder

Has life really changed much since the baby boomers grew older?


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ISBN : 978-1-84897-955-0
Published : 26/04/2018
Pages : 212
Size : 205x140mm
Imprint : Olympia Publishers

Rod Corder

The author was born in Wolverhampton, into a comfortable, working class background, in 1945. He attended a newly built comprehensive school, which had dedicated teachers and some twenty acres of grounds, providing excellent sporting facilities. He enjoyed outdoor pursuits, including climbing, hill walking and canoeing.

Choosing catering as a second choice career (after the Forestry Commission), he first trained as a chef and later in hotel management in London. Meeting his future wife in Eastbourne in 1965, they were married in 1968, on their return from London. Until his retirement in 2001, the couple owned and managed several businesses in Eastbourne, including hotels and restaurants.

They now live in Herefordshire.


About Book

Has life really changed much since the baby boomers grew older?

The millennials accuse them of having had it easy, but is it the case that perhaps they were just willing to work harder to achieve their goals?

Older people view younger people as a generation who want instant gratification and success. If this can be gained through television talent contests, whether they be singing, dancing, cooking or even quiz shows, then so much the better; and so long of course that it does not entail too much hard work. It may be unfair to generalise, but perhaps there is an element of truth in this.

The author describes how life has changed from the austerity and drabness of the 1950s to the ‘sunlit uplands' of the swinging sixties, in Nottingham, Eastbourne and London. A time when everything seemed possible. His meeting and instant captivation with Gill - his future wife - and their subsequent life together as hoteliers and restaurateurs.

He gives a descriptive account of a colourful life, people he meets and amusing anecdotes of incidents in both his own hotel and in pubs and inns visited in travels here and abroad.

In the final section, the author questions the real reasons for the inherent inequalities in the UK and offers his opinion as to the real culprits.

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