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Ten Short Stories

Huda Al-Hassani

Huda Al-Hassani's new collection of short stories reveals a writer of the widest possible range.


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ISBN : 978-1-78830-274-6
Published : 31/10/2019
Pages : 89
Size : 205x140mm
Imprint : Olympia Publishers

Huda Al-Hassani

Huda was born and raised in Basra, Iraq. She is a lecturer, researcher, writer and director. She has enjoyed reading fiction since childhood. Later, she found it very interesting to write in order to express herself and others through writing. She writes drama and poetry, too. Recently, she has published a collection of lyrical poetry in Arabic, entitled A Poetical Voyage in Arabic Singing (2018) and lyrical poetry in English entitled Love and Life: Forty English Songs (2019). Also, she won a medals of appreciation for writing a one-act play in English (2018) and for writing a short story in Arabic (2019) in Mosul University's Creative Arts Competition.


About Book

Huda Al-Hassani's new collection of short stories reveals a writer of the widest possible range. It encompasses visions as contrasting as a dystopian narrative of an Iraq despoiled by invaders and prey to terrorist violence; a charming fairy tale in which the wicked witch who has seized the kingdom's crown is dispossessed in favour of the rightful heirs; and a ghost story in which a newly graduating student discovers in her former home a shocking and terrifying revelation about her own father's true nature and identity. Through all these stories, up to and including the book's final, memorable parable of a citizen of contemporary Iraq who visits the ancestral kingdom of Ur in a time machine, what remains constant is Al-Hassani's restless, inexhaustible invention. Ten Short Stories introduces the world of a writer whose imagination knows few limits, a world which readers can now explore from themselves.

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