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Surrealist Awakenings

Amanda Fleet

These cheeky narratives brutally and comically feature a range of ideas unusually blended


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ISBN : 9781848979376
Published : 30/11/2017
Pages : 275
Size : 205x140mm
Imprint : Olympia Publishers

Amanda Fleet

Amanda Fleet was born and raised in north-west Kent and, as a child, enjoyed reading books by Enid Blyton and Eva Ibbotson. Educated at various colleges and universities in England, she discovered the works of Philip Larkin, Angela Carter, Jeanette Winterson and Lemony Snicket. Amanda qualified as a teacher of English in 2013 and has since examined both GCSE and A Level English Literature and Language for various exam boards. During nine months teaching abroad in Kuwait, Amanda Fleet fell in love with a Spitz dog who she imported to the UK. Foxy Dog is now sorely missed. Amanda now takes consolation in her Shepherd Dog and cheeky puppy Robyn, who reside with her in the respective safety of Hampshire.


About Book

These cheeky narratives brutally and comically feature a range of ideas unusually blended,  from Jack and the Beanstalk reinvented as a kind of sordid comedy set partly on earth and partly in the heavens of the Ancient Greek gods, to Making Waves which is a romantic fantasy set in the back of a taxi, to the very bizarre Dorian Todger, stories that revolve around the jam-obsessed captain of a spacecraft who begins a galactic quest to find a lost cat.

Here are some of Amanda Fleet's most engaging Surrealist Awakenings, inspired by those dawning moments in life when reality slaps you in the face and leaves a sting.

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