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Strangled Fate

Kelechi Abonuyo

"There are people who are an enigma by nature. They are said to ‘carry fire' in their mouth... Osinachi was one."


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ISBN : 978-1-84897-969-7
Published : 30/08/2018
Pages : 379
Size : 205x140mm
Imprint : Olympia Publishers

Kelechi Abonuyo

Born in 1974 in Eastern Nigeria, Kelechi Abonuyo, a member of the Nigerian Society of Engineers, holds a master‘s degree in Mobile and Satellite Communication Engineering from Bradford University, United Kingdom, and another in Renewable Energy Engineering from Kingston University, London, United Kingdom.

He was formerly Deputy Manager (QC/QA), Huawei (sub-Saharan Africa).

Married with children, he now lives in London as an engineer, author and social commentator.


About Book

"There are people who are an enigma by nature. They are said to ‘carry fire' in their mouth. They are crowd pullers, and nothing holds them down. There are few around in a life time. Osinachi was one."

After his mother died while giving birth to him and his twin sister, who was still-born, it could be said that Osinachi Okoroigwe was destined to lead a charmed life. However, after his father was not able to look after him and his childhood was plagued by sickness and seizures, his early years were not the easiest. 

Growing up in the Eastern region of Nigeria, Osinachi's environment was full of customs, traditions and beliefs that shaped him as a man. He grew up to be an enchanting and achieving individual who, as his name indicates, was a ‘'consolatory'' gift from God. But could his good fortune last in an encumbered society such as Nigeria? What did his future hold...?

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