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Somerledaa's Tale

Stephen Westcott

From Stephen Westcott, a leading marine biologist and expert on seals, comes Somerledaa's TaleA Story of Grey Seals


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ISBN : 978-1-78830-564-8
Published : 25/06/2020
Pages : 389
Size : 156x234
Imprint : Olympia Publishers

Stephen Westcott

Wanting to live a life worth living, Stephen has exhibited a talent for doing research that, more often than not, has been unfunded. Intermittent income, then, was generated by being a ferryboat skipper, wildlife walks and sea cruises leader, local newspaper nature columnist and above all as the scientific observer aboard Norwegian Antarctic krill trawlers in the Southern Ocean and aboard Japanese and Taiwanese refrigerated cargo vessels collecting tuna from the tropical Indian and Atlantic Oceans' tuna fleets. While seal studies have been his primary interest, he has made many smaller studies of the seals' neighbours and also was a pioneer of studies into marine debris impacts on wildlife and wild places. He lives with his lady in Cornwall, had two daughters - one of whom died following a heart operation - and two grandchildren. He continues to study the seals, but is grateful most of all for the love and friendship that underpins everything.


About Book

From Stephen Westcott, a marine biologist and pathfinding seal scientist, comes Somerledaa's Tale: A Story of Grey Seals. Westcott has crafted a romantic story out of the lives of the grey seals and those few people whose lives touch theirs along the way. The odysseys of the seals are tracked along the beautiful sunset coastlines between Cornwall, Wales and the Hebrides, between Devon, Ireland and even out to the deeps beyond the Continental Shelf edge. Amaury, an isolated seal researcher and little Somerledaa, an inquisitive young seal trying to negotiate the perilous first year of life, are as one in seeking to survive in their respective but not really separate worlds.

Somerledaa's Tale: A Story of Grey Seals offers a vivid and vibrant insight into how these wondrous creatures live. Whilst whisking you away into their world, Westcott masterfully and effortlessly weaves his expert knowledge of marine life into every bit of prose. This is a story looking at edge of the world lives that is, additionally, a homage to little-known wild places with little-known names which we hope are there and, here, find that they are.

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