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Smiling Beasts with Dirty Habits

Marieke Burgers

Fancy Bear loves fake, false, fraud - and is furious when his date isn't what he thought!


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ISBN : 978-1-78830-309-5
Published : 25/10/2018
Pages : 63
Size : 205x140mm
Imprint : Olympia Publishers

Marieke Burgers

Marieke Burgers, author, lecturer, art historian. Born 1954, in Nijmegen, The Netherlands, Dutch Marieke Burgers has lived for more than twenty years in Denmark, but grew up with tigers in the backyard in Indonesia, donkeys on Kharg Island in the Persian Gulf and monkeys in Africa. Perhaps, therefore, she has a critical eye for human behaviour and animal instincts. She has published a lot of books, articles on art, culture, marketing and the museum experience in English, Dutch and Danish. In 2012 she published the book Smilende Bæster - Grijnzende Beesten, thirteen fables in both Danish and Dutch. In 2018 several of her fables have been published in the Danish web magazine POV International. She lives with her husband and a black cat north of Copenhagen.


About the artist
Hildert Raaijmakers, artist-illustrator. Born 1969, in Akersloot, The Netherlands. Hildert lives and works in The Hague. His intriguing artwork has been exhibited several times and he is now, as a sought-after illustrator, painting and drawing animals. See for all his work:



About Book

R. Egret's Apology Business International Executive Support (RABIES) is the perfect port of call for Mr. A. Gaytor when his public perception is painted from a perverted perspective after he paws some pretty pussycats. Only an increase in followers, views, likes, shares, links and retweets can save him.

Euphoria, the seahorse is applying for a high profiled position at the office of a powerful CEO, Central Executive Octopus. Can she meet the demands of an international tech firm?

Ice, the polar bear, must move house before his own melts - but is there anywhere pleasant enough for him? With plastic pollution at a premium, can he find a pretty place to please him?

Fancy Bear loves fake, false, fraud - and is furious when his date isn't what he thought! While the Howling Hyena wants to say, do and take whatever he likes and the suggestion that he is full of ‘it' isn't one he likes. Not at all.

A hilarious indictment of those modern institutions, pollution, popular culture, social media, self, with animals working in their symbiotic roles to illustrate serious modern-day issues in a highly entertaining fashion.

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