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Shattered Shadows

Gowrie Krishnan

A shocking, sobering tale of life of the forgotten children of India.


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ISBN : 978-1-78830-320-0
Published : 31/01/2019
Pages : 337
Size : 205x140mm
Imprint : Olympia Publishers

Gowrie Krishnan

Gowrie Krishnan is an Australian, born in Scotland of Indian ethnic origin. She completed a Bachelor's degree in Arts and Media at Griffith University in Brisbane and received a Master of Arts and Media (Class IIA Honours) in Feminism and Fiction Writing at Griffith University in Gold Coast. She received a Griffith Award for academic excellence for her Master's dissertation which is presently published in the library at Griffith University. Gowrie is currently enrolled in a Doctorate program in the Education, Humanities and Social Sciences Faculty at the Central Queensland University.


About Book

Meena Sundram is a prostitute. Trapped since the age of nine in a house kept by the unspeakable madam known as the Fat Woman, Meena's life is fixed and hopeless. She and the other girls are raped repeatedly and daily, with no hope of escape.

The only good things in Meena's life are the maid, Savi and Jo, another prostitute. Their friendship brings some meaning into their miserable lives despite the corrupt, perverted police officers on the Fat Woman's payroll and the vile gangster Jamal, through whose actions Meena came to the brothel in the first place.

The murders of two of her colleagues give Meena a new determination, to educate herself and to change her life. Will she ever escape the Fat Woman's clutches and find freedom? Meeting Surya offers that hope, but is it real - and will Meena take it?

A shocking, sobering tale of life of the forgotten children of India.

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