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Searching - Volume One

Brian George

Searching: An Autobiography of a Birder chronicles the birding career of Brian George


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ISBN : 978-1-78830-591-4
Published : 26/11/2020
Pages : 441
Size : 156x234
Imprint : Olympia Publishers

Brian George

He was introduced to birds at the tender age of five, when taken to his local park in Birmingham to feed the ducks. His first real involvement was egg collecting, but he quickly became more interested in watching and studying birds. Over the next eighty years, he has studied birds in most European countries, plus Egypt. He has written many features for various publications; jointly presented a countryside radio programme for BBC Radio Birmingham; was a tutor for both Birmingham and Keele universities teaching bird study, and has taken parties of birders on study tours in the UK and Europe.


About Book

Searching: An Autobiography of a Birder chronicles the birding career of Brian George, a respected expert on birdlife and the environment. Detailing the start of his love-affair with birding as a young lad, and his time in Egypt on military service to his lecturing career at Birmingham University, Brian delves into the joys of birdwatching and thoroughly imbues his story with expert knowledge and fantastic spots to seek out for any birder - whether a newbie or a weather-beaten veteran of the avocation. Searching: An Autobiography of a Birder is a true story of intrigue and expertise. For those who are already in-the-know, or those whom wish to embark on the journey themselves, this is the book for you. Brian leaves no stone unturned and has many a tale to keep the typical birder hooked and maybe even a little jealous.

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