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John Loughlin

Kieron McMahon - or just plain 'Saviour', as he prefers to be known - is both charismatic and affluent. 


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ISBN : 978-1-78830-092-6
Published : 31/05/2018
Pages : 267
Size : 205x140mm
Imprint : Olympia Publishers

John Loughlin

The fascination for language and the written word began at a very early age for John and this eventually developed into the broader field of communication and understanding those who, because of their differences, struggle to communicate. John prides himself on being an ardent observer of human behaviour and interaction, for which his writing bears testimony. It is his belief that the creative writer can expose human frailty with a wisdom and depth far beyond that achieved by usual methods of investigation. John wants you to do the thinking, the interpretation; his job is simply to provide the information.


About Book

Kieron McMahon - or just plain 'Saviour', as he prefers to be known - is both charismatic and affluent. His charm has attracted many young people to join his church - or is it a cult? At its fringes, some of its adherents seem to be involved in dubious activities, trafficking not only drugs but even people. ‘The Brethren' have attracted the attention of the authorities and of the police. What exactly is Saviour's connection with the notorious Dooley clan, crime bosses to a whole region and kings of drug-trafficking and slave labour in the North-East of England? And how deeply involved are the contrasting bosses of a haulage firm, Eddy and Freddy Jacobson? A dedicated and varied team of specialists sets out to answer these questions in John Loughlin's fast-moving and surprising work of fiction with his new novel.

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