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Rebecca and the Devil's Son

Renée Ripman

Rebecca Rizell thinks of herself as an independent woman. 


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ISBN : 978-1-80074-008-2
Published : 29/01/2021
Pages : 312
Size : 205x140
Imprint : Olympia Publishers

Renée Ripman

Renée is a mother of seven, she has a husband, three grandchildren and a design business. Her love of books started in her high school years when she discovered the Outlander novels. In them she found a passion for unconventional love stories, a theme she now brings to life in her own novel.




About Book

Rebecca Rizell thinks of herself as an independent woman. She is self-assured and knows what she wants in life. She loathes not being allowed to make her own decisions. She is also strikingly beautiful yet finds intimate relationships elusive and remains a virgin at twenty-one.
Her life takes on a sinister turn as she is abruptly abducted and transported to the Underworld. Two sons of the Devil, Seven and Julien, vie for her hand in marriage and the prospect of fathering a very special and cosmically significant child.
Thoughts of escape are brushed away as she is made aware of a prophecy to be fulfilled and a painful and dangerous ritual to undergo. An intense battle of wills across diverse spiritual dimensions looms large and Rebecca's apparently ordinary mortal heritage is not all it seems.

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