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Priscilla the Pig

Madeleine Rose & Sarah-Jane Cumberford

Meet Priscilla, a marvellously mischievous pet pig.


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ISBN : 978-1-78830-076-6
Published : 31/01/2018
Pages : 37
Size : 156x156
Imprint : Olympia Publishers

Madeleine Rose

About the Author
Madeleine Rose is currently studying a literature degree and Priscilla The Pig is her first children's book.
The stories are based on a real pig who belonged to Madeleine's mother. She would regularly entertain her children with bedtime stories of Priscilla's adventures on the farm.
Madeleine lives with her young family and loyal guide dog in the Highlands of Scotland.


Sarah-Jane Cumberford

Sarah-Jane Cumberford is a self-taught artist normally found under the pseudonym Arty Sparkly. Priscilla is the first children's book that she has illustrated.
Her following on social media brought her to the attention of local author Madeleine Rose and their joint love of animals sealed the partnership.
She lives in the seaside town of Nairn with her husband and son.


About Book

Meet Priscilla, a marvellously mischievous pet pig.

Priscilla is the Farmers' pet pig and lives at Autumnvale Farm, in the Highlands.

Priscilla was a tiny piglet, the runt of her litter but as Mrs. Farmer feeds her, she grows and grows until she becomes a really enormous pig!

One day a gate is left open and Priscilla goes exploring. She meets the other farm animals but when she gets lost, they cannot tell her how to get home. Will the Farmers find her soon?

This charmingly illustrated story will appeal to young children everywhere.

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