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Practical Spirituality - Seeking Reality

Ley Williams

We humans tend to live our lives as a simple linear sequence of physical and emotional experiences.


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ISBN : 978-1-78830-987-5
Published : 26/08/2021
Pages : 247
Size : 205x140
Imprint : Olympia Publishers

Ley Williams

Ley Williams was born into an unusually challenging and complicated environment, and to a life well removed from the traditional norm.
In rising to the challenges with which she was presented in her formative years, she was caused to begin to question the nature of reality, as she sought greater meaning.
A life-long study of relationships, metaphysics, and spirituality followed, as she developed a pragmatic, objective, and analytical approach, to a better understanding of the realities that lie behind what we know as life and being.
She came to establish her own simple philosophy of life as experience and perception, and as a product of consciousness and evolving wisdom.


About Book

We humans tend to live our lives as a simple linear sequence of physical and emotional experiences.
Our reality is clearly what we understand it to be, but our understanding is based on an interpretation which provides only a distorted aspect of our true reality.
All that we know really exists only in our minds - no mind equals no life - and life is for us as we think and believe it to be. But our minds are not our own.
From the moment of our birth we are taught what to think and how to think. We are each assigned our role, our status, and our particular place in the world, as we are imbued with values, beliefs, and expectations, to provide the basis for our subjective perception.
Because of our pre-conceived ideas and expectations, our outlooks are more narrow and constraining than they might otherwise be. But it is from within those limitations that we contrive our personal realities.
I wonder, what would our reality be if we could experience more holistically and without pre-conception?

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