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Poetry Emotions

Philip M Gale

This book is divided into sections on countries and subjects and contains poems, thoughts and observations made throughout the author's travels.


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ISBN : 978-1-84897-918-5
Published : 29/03/2018
Pages : 243
Size : 205x140mm
Imprint : Olympia Publishers

Philip M Gale

I was born on Guernsey of the Channel Islands in 1964, in the parish of Saint Saviours. We had a very fortunate childhood and we grew up playing in the fields and forest surrounding the local reservoir. My parents encouraged us to explore life and after I had left school, all I wanted to do was to work and save some money to travel around the world.

In 1985 - 1986 I circumnavigated Australia's National Route One, and returned two years later and rode a motorcycle encircling the Australian coastline and crossing the deserts and plains. Over the years I also visited countries such as Italy, Holland, Gibraltar and Thailand.

I had many varied jobs over the years working in physical security, as a locksmith and for the States Prison where I looked after the Special Secure Unit for over four and a half years.

"I worked hard, played hard and lived my dream". Within are a few philosophies, observations, opinions, interests, and considerations made on my journeys throughout life.


About Book

Philip M Gale has a lifelong love of travel and has covered much of the globe since leaving Guernsey as soon as he was old enough to sally forth. This book is divided into sections on countries and subjects and contains poems, thoughts and observations made throughout his travels.

Philip has written about subjects as diverse as war, conservation and crossing the Nullarbor Plain, together with stunning descriptions of the places he has visited, their population, size and climate, and notes about the atmosphere of each one, all encapsulated in poetry that shows the writer's love and enthusiasm for travel and exploration in his adventurous life. In addition, he writes about the views and feelings we all share as part of the human condition.

Sometimes wistful, sometimes whimsical and sometimes hard-hittingly critical, this collection of personal glimpses expressing interest, curiosity, admiration or anger has something for everyone, something from everywhere.

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