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Perpetual Motion

Walter C Roberts

Bertie is night watchman at The Scarab Towers building - a job he loves.


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ISBN : 978-1-78830-776-5
Published : 26/11/2020
Pages : 232
Size : 205x140
Imprint : Olympia Publishers

Walter C Roberts

The writer studied Architecture and has spent the past twenty years specialising in the designing and hands on refurbishment of Medieval oak framed buildings. Part of this process is the preparation of design drawings by hand and supporting pen and ink sketches. He also paints in watercolours and oils.
His involvement in the creative process of designing buildings, awakened in him a desire to catch and put innovative ideas into words. To tell a story from the imagination as he would paint a picture with pen, pencil and brush, or design a building, so is his desire to do so with words.


About Book

Bertie is night watchman at The Scarab Towers building - a job he loves. However, he has secret talents! His revolutionary invention of a perpetual motion vehicle is his pride and joy.

He is perplexed when his confidential creation attracts the attention of mysterious forces around him, who want to steal his design and will stop at nothing to get it.

Angel is engaged, undercover, to find his hidden prototype and report to her management at a surveillance company called The Monitors. Nobody thought that she and Bertie would fall in love and form a formidable team to save his life's work.

As the story unfolds, Bertie learns tragic details about his family history and the bizarre connection between him, The Scarab Towers and The Monitors, all connected to ruthless and dangerous Sir Percy Hood, who refuses to give up in his quest for world domination. But how does Bertie's invention come into this?

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